November 23, 2006


Intelligence is the revolutionary factor in bringing cell phones instead stones and jeans instead animal skins. But it is somewhat sad that though we have gained intelligence, intellectuality is still scarce.


As far as rational thinking goes, nature is our mother. She’s far more subtle and serene than mankind has thought it to be. The physicists have gone chaotic and evolutionary biologists are still flapping hard to comprehend the complexity that lies beneath, at seemingly unfathomable depths below, the surface of reality.


On the grounds of spirituality and morality, it is necessary that we carry out sustainable harvesting of the nature’s bounties. Spirituality may defer from person to person but it surely, always, praises the serenity, charm & beauty of the living world around us.  As far as morality goes, bouncing black bucks and swirling kites mesmerize all the sensitive souls and saving them for our coming generations becomes an ethic.

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