September 25, 2006

Black roses,
Sad Moses,
Bright smoke,
Glistening coke.

No more kisses,
Masked-beaked noses.
Exaggerated picture is,
Reality can-be this!

Lovely, chirpy, green nature,
Holds in-it-a beautiful future.
Let's save it, conserve it, re-kindle it,
Dark-is murdered, when-a candle is lit.

1 comment:

Tactified said...

It's sad to think we don't do anything to preserve nature, or find more ways to conserve nature (theres a difference) as well. I myself, even stand in the category of doing nothing to help this world out...yet...

Nature essentially created us, at least from what I think, but that idea is irrelevant to this statement. My point is tht we rely on nature to survive and without it we wouldn't be here today.

Yet we destroy the world--which is full of nature--and use it, like it is a human cell, and we human beings are some cancer, some virus, that takes the cell and reproduces, using everything within it (in this case nature) and does nothing to contribute back to it.

We just suck the life out of it and do nothing to make it better.